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Dr. Jiao (Alex) Huang, TCM, RaC

Dr. Alex practiced for 7 years in a hospital setting in Shanghai, China. He brings his skills and knowledge to Canada and is an amazing asset to Balanced Health and Sports Therapy.

Humans strive to follow the regular patterns of nature to be healthy. Traditional Chinese Medicine is obeying the rules of nature to help achieve a proper balance. My goal is helping people to achieve harmony with nature and to have a better quality of life.
Acupuncture is my specialty and it can help with many conditions such as Internal organ disorders, emotional relief, gynecology, sleep disorders, nutrition and weight gain, stress and pain disorders.

I have interest in the study of time such as years, months, days and seasons. I study how it affect peoples mental and physical activities. For example, in traditional Chinese medicine 7:00 am till 11:00 am the body has stronger functionality within the stomach and spleen. Therefore, eating during this time has less influence in gaining weight than eating at dinner time.

Another interesting fact Chinese Medicine especially acupuncture treatments can adjust the blood vessels movement and nerves in our body. Acupuncture will affect each organ's activity and the sensitivity of the nerves if treating together or separate.

He enjoys quality time with his dog Max and exploring the outdoors, when he is not at Balanced Health and Sports Therapy. 

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